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Everything you should know about the Coley. Coley is a saltwater fish with 3 triangular dorsal fins and a torpedo-shaped body.

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Coley belongs to the cod family. Although it is often confused with pollock, certain characteristics differentiate it from the other fish species. Its back is typically dark green to black in colour, while its belly is white to silver. Coley has smaller eyes than pollock.

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Coley, also known as saithe or coalfish, is a great substitute for cod or haddock in many recipes. A good value option, the flesh of coley is often a dull, off-white colour when raw but lightens during cooking and has a fine flavour. They range in size from 500g to 6kg but are usually only available in fillet form.

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Coley is one of the cod family’s best value fish and is a perfect sustainable alternative for cod or haddock in several recipes. It has a characteristic coal-coloured skin that runs sidewards along the body with a broad white line, and the abdomen shades into light silver.

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Coley is one of the least expensive fish in the cod family and is a great sustainable substitute for cod or haddock in many recipes. Coley has a distinctive coal-coloured skin with a thick white line running laterally along its body; the belly fades to pale silver.

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Q I try to buy fish from sustainable stocks, but find it difficult to source such products at my local supermarkets. A Coley belongs to the…

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What kind of fish is a Coley exactly? One of the more affordable fish in the cod family, kale is a great sustainable substitute for cod or…

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Coley definition: any of various edible fishes , esp the coalfish … For instance, coley is not as good or as nice as cod. … Which type of fish am I?

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Pollock or pollack is the common name used for either of the two species of North Atlantic marine fish in the genus Pollachius. … while Pollachius virens is usually known as coley in Great Britain and…

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Find the perfect coley fish stock photo. … Coley fishon lentils and potatoes … Different kinds of fish and prawns for sale at a market in Brixton,…

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Skinless coley fillets, are wild-caught, filleted, and fast-frozen on the boat within a few hours to maintain maximum quality. Coley is a species of fish in…Fresh/Frozen: Species:

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What do these ratings mean? See all Coley ratings. Rating summary. Updated: July 2021. Icelandic saithe is not in an overfished state,…

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Coley is one of the least expensive fish in the cod family and is a great sustainable substitute for cod or haddock in many recipes.