What fish can you put with guppies

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Compatible Tank Mates with Guppies

A lot of fish can be compatible tank mates with Guppies such as Corydoras Catfish, Platy Fish, Molly, Tetra and others.

What Fish Can Live With Guppies? (Top 16) – Betta Care …

Tetras of any type are a pretty good pair with your guppies. Care Level: Easy. Tetras are peaceful and non-territorial shoaling fish. If there are a few other ember tetras in the tank, just make sure they are fed and have some cover and you have very little to worry about.

Fish Compatible With Guppies – Tank Mates

Here is a complete list of fish compatible with guppies. You need to take into account the coexistence of fish with other fish specimens. Some examples of suitable fish include; Zebrafish, Rainbow…

14 Awesome Guppy Tank Mates (Compatibility Guide) – Build Your …

Platies Swordtails Mollies Honey Gouramis Cory Catfish Harlequin Rasboras Bristlenose Pleco Cardinal Tetra.

12 Awesome Guppy Tank Mates – Tropical Fish Care Guides

What fish are compatible with Guppies? … The best tank mates would be small active fish that don’t have long fins. Most tetras like the cardinal…

20 Best Tank Mates for Guppies – PetHelpful

Neon Tetra; Green Neon; Cardinal Tetra; Cory Catfish; Zebra Danio; Swordtail; Platy Fish; Dwarf Gourami; Common Plecostomus; Bristlenose…

Show Tank-Worthy Tankmates for Fancy Guppies

Ten Colorful Tank Mates for Guppies Rummynose Tetra – These fish are named for their bright red noses. Female Betta – Though male betta fish…Duration: Posted:

What Fish To Put With Guppies? – Neeness

Guppies generally get along with other small schooling fish. For example, many tetras make great companions for guppies. The neon tetra, a small colorful fish, makes a great tankmate. Minnows and rasboras also get along just fine with guppies. Are guppies aggressive?

What Fish Can You Put With Guppies? – Neeness

What fish can I put with guppies and tetras? Corydoras catfish, cories for short, are another great match for tetras and guppies. Cory catfish come from the Amazon drainage, where most tetras come from. They are bottom-dwelling (helping to balance a tank with tetras), but they also school and act more sociable than most tetras.

What fish can i put with my guppies?

How many male guppies can I put in a 10 gallon tank? The general rule of thumb is one gallon per one inch of fish. Therefore, in a 10-gallon fish tank, you can add 10 inches worth of guppies. More precisely, you can keep six males in an aquarium of this size.