Unexplained spears found in fish in the open ocean

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Serpents, Flyers & Hammers: Strange Fish That Rule the …

The fish cruises the Pacific and Indian oceans in search of smaller fish to devour, and sometimes uses its spear-like upper jaw to stun its prey. The power and size of this athletic fish make it a prize for sport fisherman, and the marlin’s strength and capacity for struggle was famously celebrated in Ernest Hemingway’s novella, The Old Man and the Sea .

Huge translucent sphere found under the sea – Unexplained …

Divers exploring the ocean depths off the coast of Turkey came across something extremely unusual. The anomalous bubble-like object, which was situated around 22m below the surface, measured around four meters across and appeared almost invisible to the eye from a distance. To the touch the ‘blob’ felt very soft and gelatinous in nature while …

Five Sea Creatures to Avoid at the Shore

Visiting the beach is a fun and safe way to enjoy a summer’s day. Nevertheless, a few coastal residents are capable of turning your lazy day at the shore into an anxious wait at the local clinic. Take care to avoid the following five sea creatures, which sometimes show up on or near the shore:

15 Unsolved Ocean Mysteries That’ll Keep You Up At Night

In 2003, scientists decided to tag a 9-foot-long great white shark to study temperature changes in the ocean. Weirdly, several months later, the tag recording the information was found …

The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean – CSMonitor.com

The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean. 1 of 21. Newscom. The common fangtooth, or Anoplogaster cornuta, is a small, deep-sea fish with some of the largest teeth in the ocean, proportional to its size …

6 Mysterious Phenomena That Occur In Some Of The …

A diving team named ‘Ocean X’, led by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg, spotted this mysterious formation on the sea floor. There are a number of opinions as to what this might be, including a battleship gun turret, a flying saucer, sediment dropped by a fishing trawler and many other theories.

The Animal Planet Mermaid Hoax – ReelRundown

Sea otter using a stone on its chest to break open shellfish. … like fishermen have found spears in large fish and whales,…

The Evidence: Animal Planet – Mermaid – Pinterest

Discover some of the mermaid evidence found over the years. … see Mermaids on Animal Planet? These are spears … Mysteries of the Ocean.

Ancient Spears Found in Fish | Mermaid sightings, Animal … – Pinterest

Our documentary crew travels to Germany to meet with a local fishermen named Hans Bauer who has witnessed some amazing things in the sea.

Meet the 50 Weirdest Deep Sea Creatures Lurking Beneath the Waves

deep sea fish, frill shark found alive in numazu, japan … to collect debris falling from the open waters above, known as “marine snow.”.

Do Mermaids Exist? We Will Try To Answer This Question. – HubPages

I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a sea cow or a manatee … the world have found spears and spear points in fish they have caught…

mermaids – The Morbid, the gruesome and the unexplained

In this next video the dead mumified body is found after a hurricane. … Someone was fishing with spears in the open ocean.

11 fishing horror stories that will make you want to stay on land

Sharks, barracuda, eels, and other creepy ocean dwellers can freak out … out on the open ocean, rather than fish for grouper and whatnot.Sharks, barracuda, eels, and other creepy ocean dwellers can freak out … out on the open ocean, rather than fish for grouper and whatnot.Missing: Missing:

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