Underwater the fish don t stink

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Underwater the Fish Don’t Stink | Dragons East

Underwater the Fish Don’t Stink. “Underwater the fish don’t stink.”. Generally, when something stinks, it’s a good indication that something or someone is in the wrong place. For instance, if you have a dog, and you come home and your house smells like shit, your first assumption will probably be, “Oh man, my dog shat in the house again.”.

Is it true that underwater, fish don’t stink? How do we …

They dont stink while in the water because they blend in with their surroundings. A fish out of water is like a person without a shower.. lol

Uncle Ted’s Excellent Adventure / Transcrip | Bobby’s …

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Purple Fish: Now, underwater nothing smells bad,That’s why the water is the best time you had Green Fish: No matter how you’re down where the water is sink with the beautiful thing that fish don’t stink Clams: Underwater that fish don’t stink,Yeah All: Fish Don’t Stink from underwater that Fish Don’t Stink Uncle Ted: Oh, Come on, Not even a 10 year old Gym Socks.

Underwater the Fish Don’t Stink) : videos – Reddit

Saturday Morning Nostalgia (Bobby’s World – Underwater the Fish Don’t Stink). r/videos

Ocean Facts: What makes fish smell?

If you have ever caught fresh fish, you know that it doesn’t have a particularly strong odor, maybe a hint of ocean or lake water.

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