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Commercial Squid Fishing in Washington 2019

What areas are open/closed to fishing for market squid? Pacific Ocean: Open 0-200 nm offshore the Washington coast Puget Sound: Open, except closed within 1/4 mile of the shoreline of an incorporated city or town What is the season for commercial squid fishing? Open year-round What are the legal fishing gears for market squid?

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Late December through early February: Squid are now well dispersed throughout the Puget Sound. The majority of squid anglers won’t start hitting them hard until October for a couple reasons. First, it gets dark earlier and most of the less dedicated “squiders” don’t want to stay up so late.

Puget Sound squid jigging sputters out of the starting gate …

Puget Sound squid jigging sputters out of the starting gate, but a great deal of other autumn fishing and razor clam digging options to be had 1 Oct 08, 2021 by Mark Yuasa Anglers are hopeful the slow action will eventually improve to provide a bucketful of catches like these four experienced in November of 2020 on an afternoon trip to Elliott Bay.

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When selecting squid jigs, there are a number of things you should take into consideration: Size. Match the size of the squid jig to the relative size of the squid you are targeting. Here in Puget Sound, squid jigs in the 1.5″ to 2.5″ range seem to work best. Too large or too small and the squid won’t bite. Color.

Puget Sound Squid Season 2020 — Ted’s Sports Center

Edmonds, Seattle, Tacoma, and other places around Puget Sound have continued to produce excellent numbers of squid for many anglers this year. Going in the evening still offers the best chance, but many are opting for daytime fishing to avoid crowds, while others are utilizing their boats. All variations have been successful.

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My kids made A squid catch and cook video. They’ve really enjoyed squidding this year. Caught Off Edmonds Pier.

Puget Sound squid jigging sputters out of the starting gate, but a …

Between now and February, Puget Sound is one of top marine areas where squid migrate annually to lay their eggs along the gentle sloping rocky…

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SEATTLE — Forget fishing for salmon. Puget Sound crab pots are so pass. Squid is in. For the first time in a couple decades,…

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But for dozens of fishermen lined up along every saltwater pier, fall means squid fishing! Puget Sound market squid live in the depths in…

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5 hours ago Squid Fishing Regulations and Limits. Puget Sound squid fishing in Washington state is open year-round and has a generous limit of 10 pounds or 5…

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Fishing is a fun way to get outside and interact with nature, and squid fishing can be a real joy for novice and experienced fishermen alike.