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Reel speed for jig fishing

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How to Choose a Reel with the Right Gear Ratio – Ike’s Fishing Blog

It’s true that you can speed up a low gear ratio reel by cranking fast … need to slow roll a spinnerbait, drag a jig or fish a crankbait.

10 Best Jigging Reels (Top Picks for 2021) – Fishing Papa

2. Piscifun Salis X Trolling Reel Best for High Speed Jigging. The Piscifun Salis X Trolling reel is the best high-speed jigging reel. At reasonable price, you can experience unmatched performance when jig fishing. It features a 6.2:1 gear ratio with 6+1 ball bearings for smooth casts and speedy retrieves.

Canyon Reels HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel – CANYON REELS

Item #: HS-15. Canyon Reels’ HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel is unmatched in power! Incredible power and super smooth performance make the HS-15 the perfect choice for jigging, bottom fishing, drifting and just about any use that you can think of! A large, deep spool with the capacity to hold 500 yd. of 40# braided line and the extreme free spool …

Reel Ratio For Jig/pitching Setups – Bass Resource

i use anywhere from 6:4 to 7:1 for jigs and pitching. a higher gear ratio good to pick up line quickly. for jig fishing and pitching, the…i use anywhere from 6:4 to 7:1 for jigs and pitching. a higher gear ratio good to pick up line quickly. for jig fishing and pitching, the…

Choosing the Right Gear Ratio Fishing Reel – Wired2Fish

The extra speed lets me fish the bait quickly, forcing the most aggressive fish to react. Conversely, I’ll opt for a 6.1:1 reel when fishing crankbaits that run in 8- to 14-foot range. The small decrease in speed helps keep them in the strike zone longer, while still maintaining enough speed to solicit a reaction strike and giving me added torque

Best Gear Ratio for Fishing a Jig

A reel in the 8.3:1 or 7.5:1 range will allow anglers to get the bass coming to them and not turn and bury up in the cover. High-speed gear ratio reels will…8.3:1: 7.5:1: 5.1:1: 6.2:1:

Gear Ratios 101: Breaking Down And Explaining Fishing …

Gear ratios determine the speed at which a reel picks up line. Fishing reels with a gear ratio of 6.3:1 means the spool rotates 6.3 times for every 360-degree turn of the reel handle. Baitcast reels offer a wider range of gear ratios than spinning models for spinning rods. Most spinning reels feature a gear ratio of 5.2:1 to 6.2:1 although some manufacturers are now offering models with a 7.0:1 gear ratio for bass anglers who want to quickly retrieve drop shot rigs or tube baits when fishing …

Fishing Reel Gear Ratio (2021 Guide to the Ideal Ratio)

Many anglers use this measurement as a more accurate way to determine reel speed. Does Gear Ratios Work the Same for Different Types of Reels?

Jigging technique – (Speed and Slow) – Vertical fishing

As, we only target bigger fishes with speed jigging technic, hooks will also be chosen in proportion to the size of the jig, the gap should be a little wider than jig’s width. Also want a curved point towards inside. Usually, sizes vary from 7/0 to 13/0 for the “speed jigging”, smaller sizes(5/0 to 7/0) for slow jigging.

How to Choose a Reel with the Right … – Ike’s Fishing Blog

Low speed reels. I put any reel with a gear ratio between 5.4:1 and 6.4:1 in this group. Abu Garcia REVO ALX Casting Reel 6.4:1. They’re at their best when you need to slow roll a spinnerbait, drag a jig or fish a crankbait. They keep your speed down and give you just a little bit of hesitation when you set the hook.

Saltwater jigging techniques – Correct rod and reel set up …

Using a light reel either spinning or conventional with a heavy drag rating, around 40-60 pounds. We like to use a good drag rated reel such as a Stella 10k. Usually we adjust the drag to 30 percent of the rig’s line strength. For instance, if we are using 60-pound braided line, then we set the drag at 20-25 pounds.

The Right Crankbait Speed: How Fast to Reel a Crankbait …

Best Reels for Deep Diving Crankbaits. We fish too fast most of the time. This is especially true when fishing deep diving crankbaits. I prefer to use low-gear ratio reels to help me when fishing these lures. In the past, a reel in the 5.2:1 range was considered slow. In today’s market, it is getting hard to find a baitcast reel in that gear …