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Pond fish pets at home

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Prepare Your Pond | Pets At Home

Large, deep ponds are less likely to fluctuate in temperature. A fish pond should be at least 2ft (60cm) deep in the ground so that water at the bottom stays relatively warm in the winter months; this way, your fish can hide when it gets frosty. Keep it clear. A pump and a filter can help keep the water clear.

Fish | Pets At Home

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Fish Supplies | Tanks, Filters & Plants | Pets at Home

Fish. Whether you’re keeping Tropical, Temperate or Coldwater fish, Pets at Home has a great stock of equipment and accessories to choose from. From food and water conditioners to pumps and filters, we’ve got everything you need right here. Browse Categories: Tanks & Cabinets. Filters, Foam & Carbon. Ornaments & Plants. Live Plants & Aquascaping.

Koi Fish Care & Pond Guide | PetSmart

From aquariums to koi pond setup, there are a lot of things to know about your new fish friend. This guide has you covered in your koi fish care needs.

Aquarium Fish for Outdoor Fountains and Ponds – The Spruce Pets

Having active, colorful fish in fountains and ponds isn’t just a fun spectacle. It can solve several problems with outdoor bodies of water.

Low-Maintenance Freshwater Fish for Beginners – The Spruce Pets

If you are new to keeping fish, we suggest starting with one of … Your filter and heater will go a long way in making a happy betta home.

Why do people keep Koi Fish?

After a few minutes of enjoying the Koi, most people wonder aloud or to themselves if they could also keep Koi as pets. Happily, the answer is yes. Koi fish…

How to Help Keep Your Pet Fish Alive – Aqueon

There are things we can do to prevent unnecessary fish losses and make sure … or the volume is much higher versus a home aquarium – as in ponds and lakes.

Buy Fish Online: Betta, Saltwater & Aquarium Fish | Petco

We offer a variety of live pet fish to complete indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds in addition to a host of colorful invertebrates –…