Pike fishing rigs for lakes

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Two favourite Pike dead bait rigs – Amateur Angling

Dead bait rigs – My two favourite Pike dead bait rigs I use on my local rivers. They are designed to offer little resistance to the taking Pike and are as simple as possible. Shallow water dead bait rigs. This first one is a standard running ledger, I like to use this in shallow water or …

The Beginner’s Guide to Northern Pike Fishing

Fishing for Pike with a Drift Rig Cover long sections of definable structures such as weed edges, drop-offs, or shorelines. A 6-inch minnow hooked through the lips with a size 1 hook is about right.

Pike Fishing 101: How To Catch The Northern Pike

Medium heavy to heavy power rods, and strong braided line (30 to 50 pound) are necessities when pike fishing. 6. Leader-up. In addition to the right gear, make sure you use a steel or heavy fluorocarbon leader any time you’re pike fishing – particularly if your lake produces big pike. They have razor sharp teeth and they can cut even heavy braid like butter.

TIE A SIMPLE PIKE FLOAT RIG – Korum Fishing Tackle

How To Tie a Simple Float Rig. Step01: Slide the Rubber Stop up your braided reel line. Step02: Follow this with the small bead supplied. Step03: Thread your braid through the middle of the Dura Bung. Step04: Follow this with another rubber stop and a bead. Step05: Finally add the weight and tie on the Snap Tackle Trace.

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