Macrame for glass fishing floats

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Globe Float Hanger – Free Macrame Patterns

Description: The Globe Float Hanger is a net-like pouch that surrounds glass globes. You can use this general design to cover other items, such as bottles. This type of Macrame project was very commonly seen on sailing vessels, back when this craft was first being introduced. So it’s considered a Vintage design.

WIKarts Tutorial: Make Suspended Glass Fishing Floats …

A quick and easy way to suspend spherical objects, such as fishing floats, gazing globes, or any other item you wish to hang inside (or outside) your home!Ju…

Globe Float Hanger – Macrame – Pinterest

Description Japanese glass fishing float with original netting and trademark. Glass floats such as this have been used for decades in Japan to buoy fishing nets…

how do you weave japanese glass fishing float nets? – Pinterest

Net Making, Glass Floats, … Globe Float Hanger – MacrameIdeas. More information … Glass Fishing Floats from Thrift Store Vases for Coastal Home Decor.

Look what I made today! A hand tied glass fishing float net!

Glass fishing floats were used for many years to hold up fisherman’s nets, before cheaper plastic and styrofoam floats became the norm.

Glass Fishing Floats DIY – A Wonderful Thought

Take the remaining strings that you cut and double them over, again making sure they are even on the ends. Place the looped end under the string…Duration: Posted: