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Croakers are – to me – good eating. Spent many summers down east NC eating fried croakers with fond memories of my Granny crunching the tails – a subject to which I have posted on in the past. The Atlantic Croaker has a firm-flakey mild tasting white meat.

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The health benefits of croaker fish include promoting the digestive system. You may know that fiber is the one that maintains the digestive health, but croaker fish has the same way. It contains folic acid or vitamin B9 which is good to maintain a healthy digestive system, hair, skin, kidneys, and eyes.

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Atlantic croaker, also called hardhead, is found in the East Coast of United States from Massachusetts to Florida, and in the Gulf of Mexico. Croaker has a white meat with a sweet flavor. A 3-oz. serving of cooked croaker contains 111 calories, 19 g of protein and 3.4 g of fat. You can cook croaker by pan-frying, broiling or baking.

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Impolite Croaker Is Fun to Catch, Good To Eat. September 22, 2003. By Marty Boa. Urp! That’s the sound the croakers made as Dr. James Kirby and this columnist landed several fat ones on “Doc’s” dock at his waterfront home in eastern Virginia. True to form, each fish let out a belch without so much as an “excuse me” when landed!

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Eating the whole fish, usually yellow croaker, is common in Korea, whether it’s seasoned and braised, cut up and made into a stew, or fried on the stove. Nose-to-tail fish eating is healthy and reduces waste since you can eat everything—the skin, the head, the tail, and the fins.

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Fishermen love to catch it and everyone loves to eat it. Croaker is an all-around healthy-to-eat fish that really does croak like a bullfrog. Like this:.

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It is considered a very good eating fish. This fish can grow to 22 inches and 5 pounds 11 ounces, but the photo specimen was 14 inches long and weighing 1…

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A popular pan fish, croaker is often breaded or dusted with cornmeal or flour and pan-fried. It can also be marinated and grilled or sauted,…

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Food Value: In the past this was considered a good, mild-flavored fish. They have small flakes, a soft texture, and low fat content. Today there…

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croker are very good fish.they have very white meat and they freeze well.they are probably my third favorite behind flounder and crappie.

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Like others have said, Croaker makes good table fare. Salt, pepper those filets and fry them up in some hot oil and you have a great dinner. Do…