If i were a fish what would i be

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If I were a fish, I would prefer being a goldfish with bright colors. I could swim the whole day without caring much of what goes on in the…

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I’ve at all times imagined residing in an enormous sea with different creatures; if I used to be a fish, I might swim delightfully with my pal…

If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? – Quora

Well, according to cladistic taxonomy, you are everything your ancestors once were. If you would call “fish” the last common ancestor between a shark and a tuna…

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Essay on If I were a Fish. If I were a fish in an aquarium, I would be saddened to have been locked up in a limited space, not letting me jump into farther horizons. I would always think of my friends outside my world where they are set free and are sailing vibrantly under water,


if I were a fish I would like to be a shark, I would eat other small fishes. I would be big and long, I would be yellow in colour.

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More Like This. You Won’t Regret Taking This Quiz To Discover What Weird Fish You Are … If You Were A Dog, What Kind Would You Be?

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There’s a whole other world down there inside rivers and oceans. If you were a fish, which school would you belong in? Would you be a sly catfish or a…