How to tell male and female fish

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How Do You Tell If a Fish Is Male or Female? | Cuteness

Many male fish are considerably brighter or bolder in color than their female counterparts, a trait used to attract mates and discourage rivals. Dwarf gouramis…

Difference Between Male and Female Fish | Compare the …

Male vs Female Fish. It could be a little difficult to distinguish a male fish from a female fish, as they do not have male organs sticking out of the body. Additionally, females do not have specialized features those would come out of their bodies to identify them as females.

How Do You Tell If Fish Are Male Or Female? (7 Methods)

First of all, if you want to determine the gender of a fish, try to see if it has a nuchal hump. This is a bump that often grows on the…

Telling a Male from a Female Fish – PetPlace

The male fish possess a gonopodium, which is a modified anal fin used for copulation. The female fish’s anal fin is shaped like a triangle.

Identifying Male vs Female Koi | The Pond Guy

Not sure whether your koi are male or female? Here’s some tips from the experts at The Pond Guy that will help you determine the gender.

How to Tell If a Neon Tetra Is a Male or Female?

Neon tetras are named after the neon blue stripe that runs lengthwise down their bodies. The shape of this blue stripe is one of the easiest ways to tell males and females apart. On the slender bodies of male fish, this blue stripe appears relatively straight.