How to make fishing floats

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How To Make Simple Slip Fishing Floats – YouTube

Quick visual guide on how I make simple balsa slip floats for salmon and steelhead fishing using a lathe and some rod building equipment. Simple drill or ro…

How to Make Homemade Fishing Floats, part 1 – YouTube

Please watch: “Bream & Blues Ep. 1 Some Days” –~–I enjoy making these homemade fishing floats. Dad used to make…

Fish On Floats: Float Making Tutorial

You can make the float exactly the way you want it…size , shape , length , color… ect . Here is a tutorial that should help you get started with turning floats. First, I work with 4″x4″x36″ blocks of balsa. I cut them down to 1″x1″x36″, then I cut them down to the length I am going to make my floats. I use 1/8 inch drill rod for my mandrel.

DIY sea fishing float – TurnersTackle

Do DIY sea fishing floats work for sea fishing? Yes of course they do but it may take a bit of tinkering around with it to attach securely. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat as it could well keep you fishing if the worst happens. DIY floats are a great back up in a tight pinch. Tight lines.

Make Your Own Floats – Part 1 | FishingMagic

Make Your Own Floats – Part 1. The raw materials. Tackle making seems to be something of a lost art in today’s modern throwaway society. A mere twenty years ago it was considered quite normal to make up a batch of hooklinks or floats during the close season. In the FISHINGmagic forums a number of people have asked about making floats.

Making a traditional quill fishing float – Lee Swords …

Making a traditional quill fishing float . I love the old school style floats, onions, bobbers, quills and assorted wagglers each one hand made and unique so when I saw these flash up on my Facebook page I thought I would try to get the maker to do a little bit of a description on how they are made.

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