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How to bass fish in cold water

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Cold Water Bass Fishing: Proven Techniques To Catch More Fish

Flat-sided crankbaits are one of the best cold water power fishing options. They are sleek, easy to throw and provide a lowkey wobbling action that is needed…

Keys To Catching Cold Water Bass | The Ultimate Bass …

Many anglers believe bass stay deep in cold water. That’s usually true in clear water, but if the water dirties, the fish move shallower. I’ve caught bass from 3 feet of water when the surface temperature was 50 degrees. It’s the absolute worst fishing condition. When that happens, look for pockets of clear water and work them slowly. There are three lures that work best for me in cold water.

Cold Water Bass Fishing, Expert Tips & Techniques

In fact, Tennessee Bassmaster Elite pro Brandon Colter believes that big smallmouth “come alive at 55.”. Here’s how to catch bass in cold water: Finesse. Switch to lighter line and try a small jig at the front of a 6-inch rubber worm. Try to keep in contact with the bottom and give it slow, little hops.

Catching bass in cold water | Bassmaster

There’s no question, if your local waters are not frozen over, you’re fishing in cold water. Largemouth bass know how to survive wherever they live, and with the exception of the shallow southern fisheries, deep water is the key to that plan. This time of year, deep and slow is a good general strategy. The fish don’t feel like chasing down their meals, so you have to make it easy for them.

A Few Simple Tricks For Catching Cold Water Bass

Winter fishing also shuts down in cold, murky water so you need to search for the clearest sections of a lake. Then you need to look for the prime winter bass hangouts such as a “split point”—a major point in the back of a creek with about 30 feet of water that has two creek channels swinging into both sides of the point.

Cold-Water Bass Fishing

According to him, most anglers fish too deep on natural lakes in the winter. Most of his natural-lake largemouths come from water 8 to 12 feet deep around weeds…

5 baits for cold water power fishing | Bassmaster

This is my favorite choice for lakes that have clear water. Bass are focused on shad during the winter, and I prefer a suspending jerkbait for…

Find Better Bass Fishing in Cold Water Grass – Wired2Fish.com

FIND THE FISH. Let a significant cold front blow through the area and you can bet the “bluebird” conditions on the backside will drive any bass orienting to the grass deep into its sanctuary. That’s more of a retreat from high pressure and intense sunlight.

Find And Catch Cold Water Bass – On The Water

On the Water Guide To Help You Find And Catch Bass All Winter Long

5 Bass Fishing Baits for Shallow, Cold Water – Wired2Fish

Bass are cold-blooded creatures, so when the water gets super cold, their metabolism slows down and they try to conserve as much energy as they…

The Top 3 Cold Water Bass Fishing Techniques – Mud Hole Blog

The Best Winter Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks … Don’t be fooled by the cold, fish will still strike in winter, but it takes a little more…

Winter Bass Fishing Strategies – Fix.com

Some of the top winter baits are jigs. Football-head jigs and hair jigs work well when the water is cold. Moving them slowly along the bottom is…

Cold Water Bass Fishing from the Bank – MidWest Outdoors

More cold, less hungry winter bank fishing … The bass have certainly not stopped feeding. They have slowed to a much lesser frequency than a couple of months…