Freshwater fish that eat plants

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Many freshwater fish will eat plants including Silver Dollar fish, Buenos Aires Tetras, Severums, Mono’s and Scats, just to name a few. Other species will nip…

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You put so much work into your planted tank, and suddenly your plants are all gone! These green-munching fish may be the culprits.

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Some common and popular species – like silver dollars, monos, and rainbowfish – are notorious plant-eaters. If you happen to get one of these…

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Answer (1 of 4): All carps are known to eat plants. So fishes like koi and goldfish etc are a big NO. This includes tiger barbs too. K Mollies are usually bred in planted tanks so they are perfect for plants as they eat the scum and algae off of them. Some species of snails are known to eat pla…

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Though many fish will pick at live plants, eating bits of fish food or algae off the leaves, some species will actually devour the plants…Duration: Posted:

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Some freshwater fish will eat their way through a planted tank in a … The main nutrients that aquatic plants need are water (of course),…Duration: Posted:

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The only way to completely stop plant-eating fish from eating the plant life is to separate them. If you enjoy allowing the fish to eat some live plants, then…

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This guide covers our favorite aquascaping fish for planted tanks. … or simply love to eat or tear up aquarium plants!Duration: Posted:

Plant Eating Aquarium Fish To Avoid – Gardening Know How

Be careful not to overpopulate your aquarium. The more plant-eating fish you have in the tank, the more plants they will eat.