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Target Australian Salmon – Fly fishing destinations in Australia

The Australian salmon or kahawai as it is widely known, is a much loved species providing an important mainstay of saltwater fly fishing in the southern parts of Oz. It is actually not a salmon, but rather a type of sea perch. There are two species in Australia, Eastern and Western, both can be found in the Southern waters with the Western Australia variety growing somewhat larger.

Australian Salmon off the Beach on Fly – YouTube

Mickey had an awesome session fly fishing off the South Coast of NSW for Salmon a while back using his two handed 7x and a shooting head. Saltwater flies com…

How to catch Kingfish and Australian Salmon – DreamFish …

How to catch Kingfish and Australian Salmon Boat Position. Boat position is critical when fish are difficult. I like to position the boat up wind or in front and to… Accuracy. The accurate casting comes into it’s own when fishing smaller pods of Kingfish in Sydney Harbour and… Matching the lure. …

Australian Salmon In The Surf – Hooked Up Magazine

Using surface lures also bumps up the fun with the explosive visual aspects. Poppers, stick baits and plugs all cast well and are lethal on big salmon. Fly-fishing is also a sporting way to catch salmon when the thick schools are in close. Obviously it may not be ideal if it’s shoulder to shoulder with anglers.

Australian Salmon | The North American Fly Fishing Forum

That’s funny, I thought you were sort of making a joke calling them Australian salmon. They look like neat fish to catch.

Video – Fly Fishing the Rocks NSW Australia

Saltwater Fly Fishing vid for Western Australian salmon – Fly dreamers. Fly dreamers, the best source of Fly fishing information.