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Flatfish | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

This flatfish identification guide is intended to provide information and key characteristics for the most common flatfish species in Washington marine…

Fishing for Flatfish in Puget Sound – YouTube

This video highlights fishing tactics to catch flatfish in Puget Sound, and identifies a variety of flatfish species including sanddab, flounder and sole. In…

Bottom Fishing for Puget Sound Flounder

The most abundant and prolific bottom fish in Puget Sound is the Pacific Sand Dab. Sand Dabs are a small Flounder Species also called “Flatfish” that live on the bottom around sandy flats in 40 to 120 feet of water. It’s not uncommon to land 50 or even 100 of these fish in one or two hours.

Pacific sanddab | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

A left-eyed flatfish with an elongate to oval body shape. The eyed side is dull light brown, mottled with brown or black and sometimes yellow or orange, while the blind side is off-white to tan. The caudal fin is truncated or slightly rounded. This species has a lateral line that is nearly straight and lacks an accessory dorsal branch.

Puget Sound Fish Consumption Advice

Puget Sound flatfish (English sole, starry flounder, and rock sole) are a healthy choice from many areas in Puget Sound. Urban embayments have the most restrictive advice. Puget Sound Salmon Salmon are a healthy choice when choosing fish from Puget Sound. Coho, chum, pink, and sockeye salmon consumption is unrestricted,

Four Tips and Techniques for Winter Puget Sound Flounder Success

The Puget Sound flounder fishery is an often underutilized treasure. Most fishermen braving the harsh Northwestern waves and winds in the…

Flatfish Species Index – Emerald Diving

CO Sole Pleuronichthys coenosus. Typical Size: 12-16” length. ID: Large prominent bulging eyes. Oval shaped body with distinctive dark spot in middle.

DAVE SHORETT | Flatfish are easy catching, good eating – Home

Puget Sound flatfish, generally called flounder or sole, exist in enormous numbers in our local waters. There are said to be 23 different…

Puget Sound Flounder Fishing – an often overlooked opportunity.

Puget Sound Flounders, Soles, and Dabs … Sanddab along with other flatfish including several types of sole and flounder are all commonly…

Seattle’s Puget Sound Sporting Epic Flounder & Sand Dab Bite

Meanwhile, for parents looking for a way to get kids hooked on fishing look no further than Puget Sound’s sand dab and flounder fishery.