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Bass Fishing with Gummy Worms!! Underwater Gummy … – YouTube

Do gummy worms catch bass? I don’t know, does KVD throw a spinnerbait? Does Steph Curry shoot 3s? Does Justin Bieber make bad life decisions?… I think y’al…


In this video, my buddy Chris and I attempt to catch some fish using GUMMY WORMS as BAIT. This proves to be a little more difficult than I imagined, BUT we e…

Gummy Worm Fishing Challenge | Ace Videos – YouTube

First ever gummy worm fishing challenge on my channel! I could not believe that I caught the bass that I did on gummy worms!! I brought the arsenal – gummy w…

Wendy Goes Fishing with Gummy Worm Bait –

Wendy goes fishing with her gummy worm bait and Thanos tries to trick her. Thanos is trying to fish for his infinity shoes to become the most powerful being …

Bass fishing with candy!! Swedish fish and Gummy worms – YouTube

Had fun today making this video!! We fished with swedish fish, gummy worms, a ned rig, and tubes. Thank you to fishingupstateny and Outdoors Unlimited 101. I…

GUMMY WORM Bass Fishing TOURNAMENT!!! ft. LakeForkGuy – YouTube

I decided to mix it up in the video and drop shot some gummy worms while fishing a bass tournament against Lake Fork Guy. Such a great time fishing in Texas….

Gummy worms have more bones than actual worms… – YouTube

Dark Shower Thoughts | Did you know that gummy worms have more bones than actual worms? because of the gelatin, and if you didn’t know gelatin is made out of…

Gummy Worms – Fishing Tackle – Bass Fishing Forums

More sharing options… I’m sure it will work, bass eat almost anything you throw at them. I’d like to see a picture of a bass with a gummy worm in its lip. ;D. More sharing options… Has anyone ever used gummy worms as a bait. Just was thinking about it, and it might work. Yes, I won a bet on this that is how I know.

Gummy Worms – Fishing Tackle – Bass Fishing Forums

The other day I bought a pack of 50 gummy worms for a dollar and used them for fishing a relatively large pond (6 acres) and caught 10 bass in an hour and ended with a total of 25 bass in 3 hours. I was using them wacky rigged on a VMC wacky jig head. These things may not produce as many fish …

Can You Go Fishing With Gummy Worms Read More Now

How Do Sour Gummy Worms Work . As Fishing Lures; Gummy worms are often used in a similar way to how a normal worm is used as bait. However, sour gummy worms tend to be more colorful and look more like their candy counterparts. If you are fishing for catfish, sour gummy worms can be used with a hook and placed on the bottom of the lake or stream.

The Candy Man can — Fishing gummy worms for trout

“The art to fishing gummy worms,” he coached like an old pro, “is to keep them in an ice chest, but not too cold or they become too stiff. “But if you leave them in the sun, they get too sticky and kind of melt off the hook. I even have my favorite color, blue and pink.”

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