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Fisher Snow Plow Blade Wing Extension Kit 44610-1 XtremeV V plow

This is a new OEM Fisher Snow Plow Blade Wing Extension Kit 44610-1 for XtremeV Plows. The blade wings will extend the length and improve the overall operating performance of your plow. The Blade Wings extend at a 35 degree angle, increasing the overall length of each blade by 6″. The wings can be used on 8.5′ and 9.5′ XtremeV snowplows ONLY.

Snowplow & Spreader Accessories | Fisher Engineering

HD2 ™ – Wing Extensions Expand the carrying capacity of your HD2 ™ snow plow with our custom blade wings. Steel cutting edges and our trip edge design provide a clean scrape and added protection when encountering hidden obstacles.

MVP3 / XV2 Blade Wing Extension Kit –

Extend the width and performance of the XtremeV™ and XV2™ by adding a pair of Blade Wings. Wings extend at a 35° angle, increasing the effective plowing width of the XtremeV by 12″ and of the XV2 by 20″. PLEASE CALL 866-658-7952 FOR AVAILABILITY AND ORDERING. THIS ITEM SHIPS.

8.5′ Fisher XV2 V plow with wing extensions (10’2″) pushing …

Moving snow and stacking it in the corner of a self storage lot.

Snowplow Wing Kits – Central Parts Warehouse

OEM Meyer Meyer Multi Posistion Wing Kit – Lot Pro S. $1,353.33 $1,493.50. $25 / mo. $23 /mo. ADD TO CART. OEM Meyer Meyer Fixed Wing Kit – Lot Pro (Poly or St. $998.67 $1,102.10. ADD TO CART. OEM Fisher BLADE WING EXTENSIONS 43510-1.

Fisher OEM Snow Plow Parts – Lowest Prices

Fisher V-Plow Connector Assembly 55496 Lowest Prices!: $24.18 . … Fisher Snowplow Blade Wing Extension Kit 44610-1 for XtremeV V Plow Lowest Prices!: $896.45 .

ExtremeV Blade Wing Extension Kit – Zequip

44610-1 Fisher Snow Plow Blade Wing Kit XtremeV 8ft 6in & 9ft 6in On Sale Everyday At Zequip.

XV2™ V-Plow | Heavy-Duty Flared Wing Snow Plow | FISHER

Built to power through any storm, the FISHER XV2 v-plow comes equipped with extreme flared wings—up to 45″—and double-acting cylinders to easily handle…

NEW Fisher 8.5′ XV2 Steel V-Plow Snow Plow Flared Wings

Leave the others stopped in their tracks with this Fisher 8’6″ XV2 V-Plow. … Blade Stop Kit, 21″ Wing Extensions, 1/2″ or 3/8″ Steel Cutting Edge,…

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OEM FisherFisher – SnowEx Blade Wing Accessory Kit UTV V-Plow … QUICK VIEW. BLADE WING EXTENSIONS 43510-1. OEM FisherBLADE WING EXTENSIONS 43510-1.