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Asian Arowana : The Dragon Fish and A True Fish Legend

Dragon Fish. Due to Arowana’s bright red color, Arowana is also known as Dragonfish because of its shiny bright red color. Chinese consider Arowana a sign of Goodluck and success because of its sparkling coin-like metallic scales. Its long tail, widespread fins, and lustrous red skin make it look like a dragon. Illegal Around the Globe

Asian arowana – Wikipedia

These popular aquarium fish have special cultural significance in areas influenced by Chinese culture. The name ‘dragonfish’ stems from their resemblance to the Chinese dragon . This popularity has had both positive and negative effects on their status as endangered species .

Qilin – Wikipedia

Also, the qilin is described as having antlers like a deer and scales like a dragon or fish; since the giraffe has horn-like “ossicones” on its head and a tessellated coat pattern that looks like scales, it is easy to draw an analogy between the two creatures. The identification of qilin with giraffes has had a lasting influence: even today …

Dragon ?? (Rare fish? is it a Oarfish?) – YouTube

Oarfish… A short video of a fish that looks like a

12 Amazing Fishes That Will Remind You of Dragons – Home

9. Asian Arowana (Fish that looks like a Chinese dragon) … The Asian Arowana, also known as the dragonfish or bonytongue fish, is an ancient…

What reptile in real life looks the closest to a Chinese dragon? – Quora

I wouldn’t say any reptiles look like any sort of Chinese dragon. But these giant oarfish most definitely do:I wouldn’t say any reptiles look like any sort of Chinese dragon. But these giant oarfish most definitely do:

Olm Looks Like a Chinese Dragon | Salamander, Cave animals, Olm

More than 150 animal species live in the karst caves of Slovenia, the olm or the human fish (Proteus anguinus) being the largest. In 2016, when people could…

Fish in Chinese mythology – Wikipedia

… (of which fifty-six are officially recognized by the current administration of China).(Yang 2005:4) The Chinese dragon is the head of the fish clan.

Chiwen – Wikipedia

This is the fish-like, hornless dragon with a very truncated body and large, wide mouth usually found along roof ridges (as if swallowing the roof beams). His…

Is a Dragon Fish Real? – SeaFish

Most people who buy dragon fish are middle-class Chinese men, … Okay, it may not look like it, but this endangered fish is so greedy,…Duration: Posted:

The fish that looks like a Chinese water dragon — the oarfish! – Reddit

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