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Fish hook removal with string

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Fishhook string removal technique – YouTube

Removing a barbed hook using the string yank technique

Remove fishing hook from hand with string trick – YouTube

Getting treble hook out of my dads hand with simple string trick. Not sure if this is a fishing tip or family fun category. Ha!

Netknots :: Hook Removal String Yank

How to remove a hook from skin using the String Yank method, expertly animated, illustrated and described

The String Yank Technique | How to Remove a Fish Hook …

The String Yank Technique Steps to Remove a Fish Hook 1. Remove hook from lure by cutting at attachment ring. 2. Tape any additional free hooks to prevent the hooks from also getting embedded. 3. Next, wash your hands with soap and water, or disinfecting solution, and then wash the area surrounding …

Fishhook Removal – American Family Physician

A string, such as fishing line, umbilical tape or silk suture, should be wrapped around the midpoint of the bend in the fishhook with the free ends of the string held tightly .

String-pull method for removing a fishhook – Surgical Associates of …

While still pressing the hook down (barb loosened), jerk the string so that the hook shaft pulls the barb out of the skin. When the fishhook comes out of the…

Fish hook removal: String method – MSD Manual Professional Edition

1: Pass a looped string, fishing line, or thick suture around the curve of the hook and wrap the end around your dominant hand. 2: Disengage the barb from…

How To Remove a Shallow Fishhook – Injuries – MSD Manuals

Fish hook removal: String method. 1: Pass a looped string, fishing line, or thick suture around the curve of the hook and wrap the…

Clinical Practice Procedures: Trauma/Fish hook removal

a) String or fishing line is wrapped 2–3 times around the mid-point of the bend in the fish hook. b) Apply slight downward pressure to the shank of the hook to disengage the barb from the tissue and stabilise the hook against the skin surface. c) Ensure a tight grip on the string with no slack in the line.