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Authentic Barbados Flying Fish and Cou Cou Recipe | Sandals Blog

It’s made from a combination of cornmeal and okra. The two ingredients muddle together to form a sort of savory porridge. Coucou in Barbados is…

Coo-Coo And Flying Fish | Traditional Saltwater Fish Dish …

Coo-coo, also known as cou cou, is the first half of coo-coo and flying fish, the national dish of Barbados. It is a well-seasoned, wet polenta with bits of okra mixed in it, working great with savory sauces like Sauce Creole. It is said that if a man finds any lumps in his coo-coo, he is free to throw his wife out of the house.

Cou-Cou & Flying Fish Recipe – Great British Chefs

A traditional recipe passed down through generations, flying fish and cou-cou is honoured as the national dish of Barbados. This is a classic Caribbean…

Coucou & Flying Fish – Barbados Pocket Guide

Described as: “a polenta-like cornmeal and okra porridge, coo-coo pairs perfectly with flying fish – once abundant but now overfished and scarce – which is…

Barbados Recipes: Cou Cou & Flying Fish – Bedrock

Arrange the rolled fish in the skillet and cover with the bell peppers, tomato, herbs, and hot sauce. Cover and simmer until the fish is just cooked through, about 10 minutes. Season with salt, to taste. Spoon the fish and gravy over the top of the cou cou and enjoy!

Cou-cou – Wikipedia

Cou-cou, coo-coo or fungi makes up part of the national dishes of Antigua and Barbuda, … Cou-cou and flying fish has become Barbados’ national dish.

Steamed Flying Fish and Cou-Cou Recipe | Food Network

Directions Make the Cou-Cou: Combine the water, okra, red pepper, salt, and hot sauce in a large saucepan. Add 2 tablespoons of the butter to the okra mixture…

Bajan Cou Cou – Caribbean Polenta – Global Kitchen Travels

In Barbados, it is one part of the national dish of Flying Fish & Coo-Coo. Other African versions include ugali or sadsa.