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In some cultures, stargazers are regarded as delicacies; the venom is not harmful when consumed, and they can be obtained without the electric organ at some fish markets. Stargazers are ambush predators that blend in with their surroundings, and some may deliver venom as well as electric shocks. Yes, you can eat a stargazer fish; some people do eat them.

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These fish have very poisonous spines and look so very ugly I
would find it hard to believe anyone would even consider eating
one. I don’t know if the flesh is edible but I wouldn’t risk

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Can you eat Stargazer? – Long Island/NY Fishing – SurfTalk

From what I read it is edible but I would consult the fish market first. I have read online they are, so that is the extent of my knowledge on eating a stargazer. They are very common though, and will reach up to 12 inches in length. Welcome to the site! 0.

Stargazer Fish | EATING The Meanest Thing In Creation! – YouTube

In this fish catch and cook video we are going to catch an electric fish… if you have ever wondered can you eat stargazer fish as we attempt eating venemou…

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Can we eat Stargazer fish? … Yellowtail Kingfish. The firm dense white flesh of Stargazer is popular in wet dishes such as curries or braises,…

Stargazer (fish) – Wikipedia

Stargazers are a delicacy in some cultures (the venom is not poisonous when eaten), and they can be found for sale in some fish markets with the electric…

Stargazer Fish Facts and Characteristics – SeaFish

Stargazers are a tasty food in some cultures (the poison is not poisonous when consumed) and are available for sale in some fish markets by…

Stargazer Fish Venom – Can a Stargazer Fish Kill you? – SeaFish

Stargazer fish venom is notable. Stargazer fish is poisonous. This special kind of fish also have two big spines just back of their eyelids.

The Ugliest Fish – The Stargazer | Siladen Resort & Spa in Bunaken …

Similar to other ambush predators, stargazers are not particularly picky about what they eat, although they tend to prefer soft bodied organisms…Duration: Posted:

Can you eat stargazer??? – Ausfish

Re: Can you eat stargazer??? pretty ugly looking fish, but readily available in fish markets, they are OK to eat, as long as don’t remember what they looked like when you caught them. OH, and I reckon there is a million things better than bland old Barra to eat!