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5 Best Float Fishing Lines For 2021 – A Guides Recommendation

You could try and use braided lines or fluorocarbon lines but the best float fishing line is a monofilament line. A good mono line for float fishing line should be buoyant, lightweight, thin, strong, have low memory, and cast easily.

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Tbh out of laziness I’ve used 3 and 4 pound maxima for a lot stick fishing a lot (as often switch between stick and waggler) and tbh it works ok if you grease it a bit. When I’m more switched on to just fishing the stick though I use 3.2 pound drennan float fish and if there’s a better stick float line out there I’m not sure what else it could do as float fish is very easy to control and floats perfectly.

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Oct 24, 2010. #11. As an all rounder there has never been imo anything better than maxima, in the lower bs, 2 and 3lb were my favourites, its tough durable and good stretch that helps bumping the odd fish or two. If stickfloat fishing always apply some line float spray as maxima sinks like a stone.

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Many anglers use nothing but No.8’s to load the float. No.8’s are the biggest shot still made of lead. Lead is softer than non toxic shot used in the larger sizes. Which means it’s kinder to the fine lines used in stick float fishing, the shot can moved up and down the line without causing damage.

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What is the best line for float fishing? One of the best lines i have used this year for my heavy stick float barbel fishing has been Ultima Power plus in 6 and 8lb, it is nigh on unbreakable with little stretch, the diameter to BS ratio is by far the best i have seen. Do you use a sinker with a bobber? Crimp a small split-shot sinker on your line just below the bobber, enough weight to help keep the bobber upright but not so much that it sinks the float.

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A good quality floating line is important. I use Pro Float in 3lb, 4lb and 5lb. SILICONE RUBBER Too many anglers just use any old rubbers for…

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I always use daiwa line it tends to float well which i s what you need for the stick float as Zanthas says only put 50 or 60 yds of line on the…

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The stick float – with this float you can adjust its depth to allow the bait … This is because unlike a waggler it is attached to the line at the top and…

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Over the last couple years I have great success for winter steelhead with float and jigs, I have been using hydra float.